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Small Team - Big God

For some time now we knew we had to go on a prayer trip to a specific North African country - for some unfinished business.  December 2017 the time finally arrived for 3 of us (along with almost 200 prayer supporters) finally got the chance to go.

God is faithful - Always!

There is really way to much to share about the outreach so I won't go into too much detail.  A stand out feature of this trip was God's faithfulness in confirming our prayers and actions on an almost daily basis.  We would pray somewhere, and soon afterwards someone would WhatsApp to confirm what we just prayed about.  We would do something prophetic, and half an hour later we'd be eating lunch in a tiny restaurant and the discussion on the radio (in Arabic) would confirm what we just did.  Sometimes we would know where we had to be, but not exactly what to do, and someone would WhatsApp and complete the "puzzle" etc. etc.  As Christians we often walk by faith and not by what we see, but on this trip God showed us that we were doing the right things at the right time.  I think a large part of this has to do with the fact that we were praying for a region where things are not always going well - everything from slave markets in Libya to Tunisia being the first Arab nation to hold a LGBTQ film festival.  Sometimes it's easy to wonder if what we are doing is really worth it.  In spite of all this negative news God just confirmed that we were doing the right thing and were operating within His greater Plan.  He would do the rest.  

A BIG thank you to all who prayed and contributed to this outreach.  You share in the fruit of the trip.

A Welcome!

This photo on the right perfectly sets up the feedback on our trip. The quality is terrible because it was taken from the seat video display on the plane.  We knew right from the start that God had something special planned for this trip - we were very expectant - and then God confirmed it.  As we approached the landing strip our other team member noticed something on the video screen - the cross welcoming us. It was just runway lights but we really had a sense that God was welcoming us.  Pretty Cool!  

The Church is growing!

The main purpose of our trip was to pray for the region but we also met with some workers and local believers.  It was great meeting up with people who has been working in the region for years.  A definite high-lite was meeting with local believers.  When we worked in that country years ago the Church was still very small with only a handful of people meeting together in secret. Now many are meeting openly in large groups.  There is still persecution from individuals but not really from the government.  Please continue to pray for the Church - for unity - for further growth - for obedience to the call on their lives.