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During May I was involved in training Pastors and Missionaries on a Church Planting Course near Abidjan.  I was there for three weeks and taught for a week on Muslim Evangelism and Culture.   

The trip was really good.  The students were very keen to learn - not just for knowledge but also to go apply what they've learned.  The one pastor from Uganda was in his 70's!  Amazing zeal and commitment.  

My teaching week started very typically - I asked the question: "How many of you are reaching out to Muslims?".  About 4 raised their hands.  The others were not.  Why not? Simply because they didn't know how and because they were afraid of the consequences.  The sad thing is that most of them come from predominantly Muslim areas.  I'm happy to report that by the end of the week the response was very different - most of them couldn't wait to apply what they've learned.  Please pray that they will follow through and that God would make their work fruitful.

During my time there I also had the opportunity to minister in a local church.  Actual attendance was about 100, but the church is right on the street in a very poor neighbourhood and everyone in the neighbourhood also heard the message!  What a blessing!

It was really a privilege to be involved in this training - not only because it was set up and run by people who did the training last year in South Africa (where I was involved in the whole 6 weeks) but also to see and experience the people's hearts for seeing God's Kingdom grow.  

Thank you to all of you who made this trip possible.  You gave, you prayed, you made it possible for the Kingdom to expand!