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God is Good - Really Good

I don't really know what else to say about the trip.  Nothing spectacular happened, but I was just very aware that God knows what He's doing.  When you obey, stay sensitive to Holy Spirit and let God do what He wants to do you can be assured that things will work out.

Slow Start

Some of the students had to travel quite a bit to get to Arusha and there was a group of 8 from Kenya.  The Kenyan group would eventually only arrive late on Tuesday.  Because the first part of my teaching is quite foundational it was not possible to start without the missing students.  I therefore had to pray about what to teach for two days.  I really believe that the students who ended up getting the extra teaching needed to get it.  God was very clear on what He wanted me to teach and it all fell in place.

We ended up adding an evening class to fit in all the material I had to teach on Muslim evangelism.  The feedback was very encouraging.  Quite a few of them have Muslim friends and neighbours but never share with them because it always ends up in a fight.  One man works in a predominantly Muslim area and had done 3 previous training courses on Muslim evangelism, but can't wait to use this method - he was very excited and convinced it would make a big impact.  We spoke a lot on different methods, but also on the fact that methods are only tools - God is the one who works through us and in them.  I almost wanted to cheer them on – I know Jesus awaited them on the other side with a “Well done good and faithful servant – welcome Home!”.

Muslim Efforts and God's Purpose

On the Sunday we drove to church we passed a beautiful school quite far from anything else.  It is in an area populated by the Masai tribe who are traditionally cattle herders.  I asked my friend about the school.  It was built by a Muslim man and he offers free education to anyone that wants to come.  There is only one condition:  You have to be Muslim.  It really saddened me because parents will definitely send their kids there since there is no proper school for kilometers around.  God reminded me of something though.  Years back in 2000 we visited the East of Tanzania. During that trip God called us to work with Muslims.  Now, 18 years later, I had the privilege of training Tanzanians and Kenyans to reach out to Muslims - especially in areas like the one this school was built.  

Please continue to pray for the students who attended this course.  That they will go into these difficult areas and share true Life and Light.  

Thank you for supporting me on this trip.  I know there will be much fruit and more rejoicing in heaven because of it.

Rejoicing in Heaven

The Sunday before the course started I was privileged to share the Word at a Church about 80 km outside Arusha.  It took us about 2 hours to get there and the service was typically long (just under 4 hours).  I eventually had my turn and it was great to have quite a few children in Church so I could incorporate them by having them act out the Bible passage.  Afterwards we could minister to quite a few people through prayer.  The thing that will stay with me though was what happened at the end of the service.  There was a time for testimonies and one man spoke quite a while.  The next moment the whole congregation started cheering, dancing and ululating.  The reason: He was a “prodical son”. It really struck me how "right" the rejoicing was - we sometimes hear testimonies and politely clap.  These people rejoiced because this man was lost - on his way to damnation - but is now on the right path.  I'm sure Heaven rejoiced as well.